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Mini Fatigue Tester for sale

Proto-tech developed a scaled-down version of its fatigue tester designed specifically to test flexural bars. The instrument is equipped with 20mm spas and two-point loading tips. It loads repetitively to 100N at up to 2Hz with a 1% accuracy. It is powered by a PC-control system from Measurement Computing with a graphic interface allowing control of the cycling level, cycling rate and count limit.

A demo model of the instrument is in stock and available for immediate delivery. The price is $12,500, plus shipping.

Please visit to see all of the details of the instrument.


Deluxe Fatigue Tester

Proto-tech’s fatigue tester has been expanded to offer tensile testing up to 400 N. The standard platform featuring PC-controlled cycling has been upgraded with interchangable solenoids so that tension can be applied. Specially-designed grips are designed to hold strips in tension. Custom grips are available on request. Contact Proto-tech at 971-344-3730.

Find more information at Proto-tech’s website

Fatigue Tester by Proto-tech

The new Fatigue Tester by Proto-tech can cycle four specimens independently up to 400N max. Here is a recent installation at the Kois Center in Seattle.

Fatigue Tester

Fatigue Tester